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Active Harmonic Filters

  • Cost and Benefits of Harmonic Reduction

  • Series x000 Data Sheet Active Harmonic Filters

  • PCS Active Harmonic Filters Data Series 1000, 4000

  • PWM to Sinewave Filter PCS 901-0010-2s Data Sheet3-29-04



  • TIMES ONE Active Harmonic Filter T1ESD34 technical description, Aug-26-2011

    Passive Harmonic Filters

  • Times One Passive Harmonic Filters Product Line Summary

  • International Series 2008 Power Quality Mitigation Rev 1

  • TN-LPF-1: Theory of Operation - Low Pass Harmonic Filters (Type LPF)

  • TN-LPF-2: The Effects of Impedance on Harmonic Distortion

  • TN-LPF-3: The Benefits of Using Type LPF Low Pass Harmonic Filters

  • TN-LPF-4: Why do Times One[TM] Low Pass Harmonic Filters Perform better than others?

  • TN-LPF-6: Voltage Distortion Cause and Effect

  • TN-LPF-7: Avoiding Harmonic Resonance with Low Pass Harmonic Filters

  • Product Performance Guarantee - Low Pass Harmonic Filter Assemblies

  • TIMES ONE Passive Filter UHF 12-09-03

    Renewable Energy Converter Interface to AC Power Line

  • Multi-Function Converter
    Voltage Regulator, Microturbine, UPS with Battery, UPS with Flywheel, Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic, Active Filter, Active Front End, Motordrive (Variable Frequency Drive, Variable Speed Drive), Wind Turbine

    Solar Power

  • Times One PV Carousel 2.2 kW Brochure rev1 11-12-08

  • Times One PV Carousel in Seattle rev1 11-12-08

  • 25 kW CPV Solar Array Fact Sheet

  • 25 kW CPV Solar Array Details

  • 13.8 kW Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Array

    Flow Batteries

  • 5-kW PCS-SEL Energy Storage System

    Energy Management Systems

  • Portable Renewable Power and Energy Storage, Rev 2, Feb 07, 2011

    Motor Generator Power Systems - Reduction of fuel consumption by up to 30%

  • Motor Generator 160PD-04, Apr-12-2011, rev 1

  • Motor Generator Fuel Efficiency T1V Gen, Apr-11-2011, rev 1 complete

    Zero Energy Building Design

  • Case Study of 3000 sq. ft. Building

  • PCS Energy Efficiency Guidelines

    Net Zero Energy Proposal - JETS, Aug 2011

  • Net Zero Energy Architectural and Design Services - Ankrom Moisan, Aug-27-2011

    MultiCeramic Insulation 2011

  • MultiCeramics Commercial and Industrial Applications rev 1, Aug-16-2011

  • MultiCeramics Techsheet PCS Rev 2, Mar-03-2010

  • Pipesulate Techsheet - duct and pipe insulation, PCS Rev 1, Aug-20-2009

  • Pipesulate MSDS 2

  • Why Consider Wallpanel - PCS 2009 Rev rtf Aug-16-2011

  • R-Value, K-Value

  • ASTM-E-72 Racking Shear Wallpanel Test

  • ASTM-E84-09 Surface Burning Characteristics of MultiCeramics Rev 1, Aug-16-2011

  • ASTM-1530-069 MultiCeramic Thermal Conductivity Test

    MultiCeramic Industrial Coatings 2007

  • About Ceramic Paint Insulation

  • Ceramic Paint Insulation Tech Sheet


  • MultiCeramic Industrial Coating Performance

  • MultiCeramics Techsheet

  • MultiCeramics MSDS

  • ASTM E72 - Wallpanel

  • PIPESULATE Techsheet


    Evaporative Cooling

  • Coolerado

    Other Technologies

  • Distributed Generation (Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics), Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Water Purification

    Renewable Energy Credits

  • Renewable Energy Credits for Green Energy (8.5 MB)

    Mini Cement Plants

  • Small Turnkey Cement Plants and Large Clinker Grinding Plants

  • Introduction to Cement Plants

  • Vertical Shaft Kiln (VSK) Cement Plants and Clinker Grinding Plants - Questions & Answers

    PCS-Powell Water Systems - Industrial Water Processing - Desalination, Electrocoagulation

  • Overview of PCS-Powell Water Systems

  • PCS-Powell Water Systems Brochure

  • Test Results - PCS-Powell Water Systems

  • Sewage Test Results - PCS-Powell Water Systems

  • Removal of Bacteria and Viruses

    Global Warming

  • "Warfighting in a Climate Warming World - Implications for U.S National Security Policies" by Philip Coyle and Martha Krebs, 2007 Joint Service Power Expo
    (posted with permission of Philip Coyle)

    Climate Change

  • "National Security and Climate Change" (22 MB), January 20, 2015, by Len Herring, RADM, USN (ret), Executive Director, GENI Center

  • SANDAG: San Diego FORWARD: The Regional Plan (

    Climate Assessment

  • President Obama's Climate Action Plan, June 2013

    Regional Climate Assessments
  • AK
  • GP
  • HI
  • MW
  • NE
  • NW
  • SE
  • SW

  • Trees: over a hundred million trees have died; drought expected to last many decades or centuries according to UCLA report

    GreenGov Symposium 2015

    GreenGov Symposium, June 10, 2015"

    GreenGov Symposium 2015 files

    Distributed Generation

    Energy Storage Summit May 2010

    Energy Storage Summit Nov 2010

    JSEM 2005a

    Solar Array Details

    Solar Power

    Documents in Progress

  • Power Factor Controllers (Coming Soon)

  • Lighting Controllers (Coming Soon)

  • Power Quality Instrumentation and Monitoring (Coming Soon)

  • Renewable Energy Generators Photovoltaic (Coming Soon)

  • Renewable Energy Generators Fuel Cell (Coming Soon)

  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling (Coming Soon)

  • Solar-Thermal Heating (Coming Soon)

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